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ASUS has released Windows 8 Drivers for the EP121 and B121

October 31, 2012 11 comments

Looks like ASUS released Windows 8 Drivers for the EP121 and B121 Eee Pad Slates.  New BIOS update and other drivers.  <10/30/2012>


ASUS B121 (stopped working)



ASUS EP121 (stopped working)



You will get the following pop up about some incompatibilities.


W8 Warning


Windows 8 software update tool for Samsung Series 7 Slate

October 30, 2012 14 comments

Samsung just released a new piece of software (sw update) that detects your computer model and finds Windows 8 Drivers.  It also has some new Samsung utility software on it as well.

SW Update is a program that allows you to install the latest Samsung software and updates with ease. Normally, software is installed from CDs, DVDs, or by directly downloading the software from the Samsung Electronics website. With SW Update, however, you can automatically search for and download the BIOS, drivers, and software for your Samsung computer product over the internet, without having to look them up individually. What’s more, you can choose to install all available software and updates at once or install them selectively. Certain software and updates may be required to ensure complete functionality of your Samsung computer, so it is recommended that you use the automatic notification feature to easily find the essential software for your computer and the updates for enhanced features.

I’ll blog more about content.  I’m pretty excited about this.

Samsung Windows 8 SW Updates

Click on the Samsung Download Center link on the page.

Once installed and the first time you launch it,  you will be prompted to put in your serial number of your device (I don’t like that, but oh well).  I have the Samsung //BUILD tablet and it was able to detect drivers for it.  On the summary page it identified all sorts of drivers, some that were up to date and others that were newer.  You can click on the specific driver and install it, download it, or install them all.  On mine it detected about 13 updates.

It will also allow you to download all the drivers (they call it export) and Samsung software as well.  All in all it was about 1.5GB of stuff.

There is a piece of software that acts like the old Windows Start button for those who still can’t live without it.  It’s pretty cool.

Great job Samsung!  I only wish this would have been out there sooner for us early W8 pioneers.

How to Sign out without a Keyboard in Windows 8

October 29, 2012 5 comments

One of things that you need to get use to in Windows 8 is the Start button now longer there and some of the new Windows Keyboard shortcuts that aren’t available without a keyboard.

I found my self in that situation the other day at work when I needed to log out of my tablet and log in as my admin account.  Ok, I swipe the charm to bring up the Start button and have the option of a shutdown or restart, but couldn’t figure out how do I just sign out or log out.

I had a Duh moment.

Go to the Start Menu and click on your user in the upper right corner and menu will pop up.  Click the Sign out option.  Bada Bing!  Smile


How to Sign Out in Windows 8 without Keyboard