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New Dell Latitude 10 on screen keyboard for BitLocker pin

July 16, 2013 9 comments

Not sure where I have been or if this is new with the A06 BIOS Update (07/10/2013).

Previously (before this update) if you enabled BitLocker you had to have a USB Keyboard connected to input the pin, but now you can use the on screen keyboard to input the pin.  Simply AWESOME!  I have been waiting for this since the release of Windows 8.

Thank you DELL!!!!

BIOS A06 – Fixes & Enhancements
1. Update Intel the latest code and need to use with version A06 or later Intel chipset driver posted on
2. Fix BIOS flash utility display error when an admin password is set greater than 8 characters in BIOS SETUP.
3. Update the warning message in BIOS flash utility.
4. BIOS flash utility support password option.
5. Enhance Multiple Boot manager entries.
6. To improve system time shift.

Full screen BitLocker screen with touch keyboard

New Bitlocker Screen (Full Screen)

New on screen touch keyboard

New Bitlocker Screen (On Screen Keyboard)


Now the other vendors need to step up and get this implemented.  Way to go Dell leading the way.  Love it…