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My Dream Windows 8 Tablet

January 28, 2013 10 comments

I am a huge fan of the Windows Tablets.  I have owned HP TC1100, ASUS EP121/B121, HP Slate 500, Dell Latitude ST, Samsung Series 7 Slate, and now Samsung /build/ (Series 7) Tablet and with each one it is missing something.  ***Update (missing from photo) Dell Latitude 10 Tablet, Microsoft Surface, and Samsung ATIV Pro 700T.

Windows Tablets

So I decided since I have such great pull with the hardware vendors, I would put together my must have specs.  This way they can start building it.

Wacom Pen/Digitizer with silo in Tablet
Detachable Keyboard with touchpad (with additional battery)
Removable Battery
i5 Core CPU (x64) & 4GB Ram (More would be nice)
10.1 Screen (Not GMA, also wish it wasn’t 1366×768, I like 1024×768)
Gorilla Glass
Full Size SD Card
HDMI (mini ok)
USB 3.0 on Tablet
USB 3.0 on Keyboard
At least 5 hours of battery life
Decent Front & Rear camera
Hardware button: Start/Windows Button and Keyboard Button
Optional Dock with Ethernet, full HDMI, More USB 3.0, maybe some nice speakers built in. (dream big!)

Is there a Windows Tablet that has all this?  Close, but not yet.

What are your must haves with the new Windows 8 Tablets?  Here’s your chance to speak up and let those vendors what you want.