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Install Windows 8 using USB Stick

March 18, 2012 3 comments

Use USB Stick to install Windows 8.

What you need:

1. USB Stick, a minimum of 4GB for Windows 8 (x86 or x86).

2. Download and Install the Microsoft Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool here.

3. Download the latest version Microsoft Windows 8 beta (DP, CP, RP).


1. Plug USB Stick into the Computer.  Note the drive letter associated with the USB Stick.

2. Launch the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool

3. In Step 1 browse and select the ISO file you download above.

Step 1 - Choose the ISO

4. In Step 2 click on the USB device button in the lower right.

Step 2 - Choose media type

5. In Step 3 select the USB stick you plugged in and click “Begin copying” button in the lower right.

Step 3 - Insert USB device

6. You will get prompted to erase USB stick, after confirming that it is the correct USB device click “Erase USB Device”.

Step 3a - erase usb stick

7. You will get another confirmation.  Click Yes to erase.

Step 3b - confirmation

8. In Step 4 it will format the USB stick, make it bootable, and extract the ISO files to the USB stick.

Step 4 - Copying files

9. Finally after about 8 minutes you will get successful message.  Click the upper X in the right corner to close.

Step 5 - Finished

Note: Depending on the type of Tablet/Slate you have you will want to enter the BIOS and change the boot order.  I did not have to do this with my Asus EP121, it automatically booted from the USB Stick.  However my HP Slate 500 and Samsung Series 7 Slate you had to enter the BIOS to change the boot sequence.

Happy computing!