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Installing Windows 7 on HP Tablet TC1100

September 24, 2010 44 comments

I love gadgets; I especially love gadgets that help me be more organized which in turn helps me be more productive.

The HP Tablet TC1100 originally came out in 2003 and at that time the operating system was Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which added the Tablet and Ink capabilities. Since then Microsoft has made tremendous improvements to the ink and hand writing capabilities in Vista and now in Windows 7. HP however does not have compatible drivers for Windows 7. Why you say? Good question, I can’t think of a good reason for this. Thankfully a kind soul took it upon himself to tinker with it and get it working. The below link documents his labors to get Windows 7 installed on the Tablet. Why would you want to do this? Well, Windows 7 totally rocks on the HP Tablet and is totally worth upgrading. The main reason is the performance, the ink features, and handwriting recognition. Awesome stuff.





Read the following article from MobilePCWiki to get an overview of the installation of Windows 7 on the Tablet. The author goes through and explains in great detail the process. The installation notes cover the RC version of Windows 7, but I have gotten to work with the Windows 7 RTM Home Premium and Ultimate.



Since the Tablets do not come with a DVD drive you will need to either attach an external DVD or create a Windows 7 Installation USB Stick. The following website IntoWindows link walks you through creating a USB installation stick.



The following will allow you to boot from the USB stick. By default you will not be able to boot from the USB Stick.

Put the USB Stick in the USB Slot on the computer.

Start up the Tablet and hit the jog dial and Launch System Setup.

Scroll over to the Advanced Tab

Scroll down to Boot Order and hit Enter

Select Hard Drive and hit Enter

Hit the -/+ to move up the USB drive to the top of the list.

Hit F10 to Save and Exit.

System should automatically boot to the USB drive.



The TC1100 has two memory slots and by default comes with 512MB of Ram. This is really not enough ram to run Windows 7 on. You can easily upgrade the memory to 1.5gb by adding a 1gb chip to the external slot (User Accessible Area). To upgrade the machine to 2gb, which I highly recommend you will need to take apart the Tablet to get at the slot. I have done this 3 times without issue, just take your time and review the great photos from the below forum discussion on the subject.

Type of RAM to buy

(2) 1GB PC2700 SODIMM DDR-333 (200 Pin) has this for $40.99/each [Confirmed 9/22/2010]



There are no specific Vista or Windows 7 drivers for the HP TC1100 Tablet. You must use the old XP Tablet PC drivers. The trick is to install the drivers in XP Compatibility mode. You do this by right clicking the file, select properties, then click on the Compatibility tab. Under the Compatibility mode put a check under “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select Windows XP SP2. Click Apply and then Ok. Double click or right click and select Run as Administrator.


SP29116 – Texas Instruments 4in1 Card [2004-10]

SP27014 – NVIDIA Video Driver [2004-01]

SP28787 – Q Menu for Tablet [2004-10]

SP24241 – Tablet PC Button Driver [2003-11]

HP’s Website


If you have the HP Compaq W500 Compatible 802.11/a/b/g [Part #: 349985-001], you can install the following HP Driver after the OS has been installed.

SP32579 – HP WLAN W400-W500 Driver for Windows [2006-05]

If you have the HP Compaq Laptop Wireless 2100 802.11b Mini-PCI Card [Part #: 348997-001], you will have to manually connect computer to NETWORK with Ethernet and run Windows Update to get the Wireless working.

To determine which one you have you will need to unscrew one of the back covers and look at the HP Part Number.



Installed NVIDIA Fix 82.12 [XP Compatibility Mode]



Installed Wacom Penabled Driver v5.08-2a [XP Compatibility Mode]

The newer driver doesn’t seem to work. You will need to find the driver on the web. Do a google search for PenTablet_508-2a.exe

I found it on


Confirmed available: 9/22/2010



Windows Aero

Supports only 1GB Secure Digital

Single Core Processor


Favorite utilities that you can’t live without?

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I rebuilt several computers in the last couple of weeks and it had me thinking about my favorite utilities that I can’t live without.  For instance at work I need Textpad, Snagit and Red-Gate Compare.  These hands down are some utilities that I have to have. 

What are your favorite utilities/programs that you can’t live without?

Wrong product key

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

My wife recently did a Microsoft Usability study and received Windows 7 Home Premium as her gratuity.  I finally sat down last night and backed up all her data, settings, and other misc. items.  I usually don’t like to attempt to upgrade an operating system, so I wiped it clean and installed a fresh.  I got to the point of entering the product key and received nice message that the product key was invalid.  I wiped my eyes, glanced at the product key in the box again and verified that it was correct.  It still wasn’t working.  I thought to myself, this is directly from Microsoft how could this be bad.  I was pleasantly surprised when I called Microsoft support and received very prompt support.  They got me a new product key and I was on my way.  I have entered a lot of product keys in my time and this is the first product key that I have ever had a problem with.  I guess I have been lucky.

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January 3, 2010 1 comment

I usually don’t do New Years Resolutions, but I thought that I would try to set some short and long term professional goals for 2010.

Short Term:
Start a Blog and contribute to it weekly.
Try and read a new book every month.
     Read Grant Fritchey’s book SQL Server Execution Plans in January.
     Read Brad McGehee’s book Mastering SQL Server Profiler in February.
Study and learn two SQL DMV’s each month.
Continue to workout 3 times a week.

Long Term:
Take one Microsoft SQL Server Cert Exam.
Get more involved with the SQL community.

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