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Missing multi-select check box in Windows Explorer

September 3, 2011 1 comment

I have been using Tablet PC’s for several years now and really like some of the additional features / add-ins that are included with stylus and touch.  Funny how you get used to using a certain feature and when it is missing your world crashes down around you and you can’t do anything.  I ran into one such feature that was missing in a new Windows Slate (ASUS EP121 Slate) that I just recently received.

That feature is the multi-select files in Windows Explorer using the stylus or touch.  This allows you to do just that multi-select files and copy, cut, and paste files between locations.

After a little digging around I found a setting in the folder options that controls this behavior.  Open Windows Explorer, click on Organize in the menu bar, select Folder and Search options.  Scroll down and make sure that “Use check box to select items” is checked.  The clouds parted and the Angels began to sing.













This is the end result.  Check box allows you to select multiple files in Windows Explorer.  I know what you are saying.  Seriously!  I know, but when something you get so accustom using is gone, it kind of bothers me.  Anyway, crisis averted.  Continue doing what you were doing.

Check box (Explorer)