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T-SQL Tuesday – Why Are DBA Skills Necessary?


This month’s topic is hosted by Paul Randal (blog | twitter), and the topic is “Why are DBA skills necessary?”

Just like any trade there is a specific level of skill necessary to do the job.  Just like an auto-mechanic there is training to do the job.  You wouldn’t want just anybody working on your car, especially if it is a newer one with all the computer modules etc. 

There are some basic things that a technical people can do in SQL Server, like changing a flat tire.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to change the tire.  You do need to have a jack, wrench, some brute strength, and the knowledge where the spare is located, most people can change the tire.  If you want to change the oil the on your car you need to be a little more technical.  You need to know what type of oil you need and the oil filter, and location of the filter. 

I believe that there are skills necessary to manage a database.  As much as software vendors like to say there is no "Set it and Forget it" feature in SQL Server.  If you forget it, it will bite you and usually where the sun don’t shine. 

In my previous job I worked in technical support for a software company.  I would get a call once a week from customers where their Transaction Log file filled up their C Drive (insert laugh here), and they had no database backups (insert tear here).  This is DBA 101 stuff, actually it is Business 101, but most of the companies I dealt with did not have a DBA on staff.  It was generally the person closest to the server. 

In those cases and most of the other issues that I dealt with if they had someone with the basic SQL Server knowledge it could have prevented 99% of their issues.

Bottom line: I feel that a DBA is necessary for the well being of your companies PRICELESS data.


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