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What is your favorite application, program, or utility for your Tablet?


I have been installing Windows 8 on my tablets and it reminded me of a post that I did way back in the day.  What is your favorite application, program, or utility for your tablet and why? I have several that I can’t live without.


1. Microsoft OneNote 2013

I am a huge OneNote fan and have been when it first came out.  This was the first program that I used on my tablet with the Stylus pen, on my HP TC1100.  I became much more organized because of this program.  For me it is the most used application\tool that I use.  Love the inking, search capabilities, converting ink to text, the integration with the other Office products.  I send a lot of emails to OneNote for projects that I am working on.  I can immediate start writing notes, next actions, etc.  All time favorite.

2. PDF Annotator

I love the ability to load a PDF file and mark it up using my stylus/pen.  The ability to print any document to PDF using their printer tool.  Brilliant.  Absolutely a must have.

3. Dropbox

My cloud storage that is available to me where ever I am.  On my phone and my computers and assessable through the web as well.

4. Snagit

The screen capture tool that is a must. 

5. Notepad++

This free utility is a great tool for loading all kinds of different text files from TSQL files, to XML files. 

  1. November 4, 2012 at 12:20 am

    Hi Cameron,
    You do a great job here, thanks for it. Also thanks for the Media Center tip.
    First, i receive in a few days the Mushkin Atlas 240GB SSD mSATA SATA3 for my B121 that i buy at Ramexperts US. I cross my fingers and hope the installing of it wouldn’t give problems.
    At the moment i run Windows8 Pro, upgrade and dvd for 34€ in Europe, and it runs like a train on my B121. I have also installed the new 8drivers from Asus.
    Afther the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite i like the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 to create my posters, invitations,…..
    Also like the VirtualDJ FREE to play my music collection, now about 5000 items.
    I like pinball-games too but have a problem to play Pinball FX2 on Windows8. I downloaded a few Xbox-games for windows8 from the marketplace and only Pinball FX2 doesn’t work. When i tap the Pinball-tile it opens the screen with the Pinball FX2-logo for 2 seconds and turns back to the Windows startpage every time i do this, i can’t find the problem.

  2. andrew
    November 22, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    PDF Touch is a must have for Windows 8 and its free.

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