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Who needs a Start button?

Not sure why all of the hub-bub about the lack of a Start button in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  I am not biggest fan of the Metro tiles, but I have created my most heavily used programs in an easy to get to shortcut.

First of all, all the program shortcuts are still in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs” (it is a hidden folder). 

First we need to unhide the Start Menu.

Unhide Start Menu Folder

1. Open Windows Explorer click the “Windows Key” + E.

2. Select the VIEW tab.

3. Click Options to open up the Folder Options.

4. Click on the VIEW tab.

5. In the Advanced Settings, under Hidden files and folders put a check for “Show hidden files, folder, and drives.

6. Click Apply.  Click “Apply to Folders” above and then click OK.

7. Now open the path above and right click the “Programs” folder and drag it to your desktop to create a shortcut to that folder.  You can then open the folder to access programs.

That is one alternative, but I want a cleaner way that I can open selective programs.  I like the Toolbar.  I am going to create a Toolbar on the Menu Bar that I can put in my most used programs.

Let’s create a frequently used Programs Toolbar.

1. Right click on the Menu Bar and select Toolbars.

Create Toolbar

2. Click “New toolbar…”

3. By default it will put it in your My Documents folder.

4. Click the “New folder” link in the upper window and name it PROGRAMS.

5. Click PROGRAMS and click the Select Folder button.

New Folder

6. You will now see the new PROGRAMS folder on your Menu Bar in your lower right sys tray.

New Toolbar

7. Now Right Click on PROGRAMS and select Open Folder.  This will open up a folder view of the folder. 

8. Now browse to the folder way above that contains the Start Menu.

Start Menu - PROGRAMS

9. From here I am going to open the programs that I want on the left and then drag to create a shortcut on the right.

10. I am going to create a few shortcuts to Microsoft OneNote, Word, Windows Live Writer, and a few others.

New Toolbar with Programs

11. Now I can click on the two arrows “>>” and it will pop up a list of programs that I can quickly select.

This allows me to keep my Desktop Clean and also puts my most heavily used Apps at my finger tips.

I know that when you install applications and programs that it puts the shortcuts on the new Start Page/Tiles.  I am still working on liking them.  I spend most of my time on the desktop.  Old school


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