Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

I was playing around with Windows 8 CP and found a couple of really cool features.  Some of these are not new with the Windows 8, but still interesting and worth keeping in your back pocket.  Check them out.  They are a great way to quickly navigate through in Windows 8.

Windows Key + “?”

C = Side menu / similar to the right back slide feature in touch.  Brings up the Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings.
E = Windows Explorer
F = Files (New Windows 8 Search Window)
H = Share (New Windows 8 Side Window)
I = Desktop (New Windows 8 Side Window)
K = Devices (New Windows 8 Side Window)
L = Lock PC
N = OneNote Side Note (Application Shortcut)
P = Second Screen (New Windows 8 Side Window)
Q = Apps (New Windows 8 Side Window)
R = Run Command bar
S = OneNote Screen Capture (Application Shortcut)
U = Ease of Access Center
W = Settings (New Windows 8 Side Window)
X = System Tools (New Windows 8 popup)

Unfortunately, these will be difficult with the default on screen keyboard (OSK) in Windows 8.  You would have to change the keyboard to the other OSK to get the Windows Key.

Quick Shortcut to the other OSK.

Windows Key + R and type OSK and hit enter.  You can then click on the Options button to change the OSK if you wish.

2 = Opens Internet Explorer


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