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Dropbox – Cloud Storage

Have you ever been at work and wished you could get access to a document that was on your home computer.  Well there is a way to have these files accessible where you have internet connectivity.  It is a service called Dropbox.

What is Dropbox?  Dropbox is like cloud storage.  It is a small application that is installed on your local computer that creates a folder structure that automatically sync’s to the Dropbox website.  Once there any other computer or device like iPhone or Android that you sync to will have those files/folders available.  Because these files are locally stored they are available offline.  They will sync up the next time you are connected to the internet, not the whole file just the parts of the file that has changed.  That is slick.

For example at work you have a document that you have saved to your Dropbox folder.  Now you get home and you want to edit that document.  If you have installed the Dropbox application on your home computer you can access that file because it will download that document to your linked Dropbox folder on your home computer.

Dropbox also keeps a one-month history of your work along with the ability to undelete files, or revert back to a previous version of a file.

So you can’t install Dropbox on your computer at work, no worries.  Just go out to the Dropbox website, log in with your account and have access to all the files through the web.  You’re at a client site and you need access to a toolkit script, just browse out to the web to your Dropbox account and download the file you need.  You’re at your kids concert and you get an email about a document that needs to get to the client.  You access your Dropbox folder from your Droid phone and then emailed to the customer.  That easy.

Sign up for free and get 2GB of space.  By using the following link get an additional 250MB in space.


If 2GB doesn’t seem like a lot, there are other storage options available.

Get 50Gb for $9.99/month

100GB for $19.99/month

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