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HP Slate 500 – Protect your investment


As I was waiting for my HP Slate to arrive I was perusing TabletPCReview.com forum and one of the posts that caught my eye was a person reporting seeing scratches on the glass.  I have to admit I got a little nervous after reading that and concerned.  Last thing I want is a scratch on my new Slate. 

After doing some research and reading several great posts on the subject I decided to go with the NuShield DayVue screen protector.  I believe the screen protector with tax and shipping was around $22.  GRADE: B

The NuShield DayVue screen protector is a custom protector for the Slate.  The Slate is still fairly new and they do not have this as a standard available protector.  You will have to go into the custom area to select it.  I believe a user from the TabletPCReview forum sent NuShield the dimensions of the Slate and they created one.  The dimensions are spot on and it fits the Slate like a glove.  The only exception are the corners.  The corners are hand cut and are a little jagged.  Once this becomes a regular item I am sure that will be a non-issue.  In fact you aren’t drawn to the edges, they blend in very nicely with the black edges of the slate.  It is unfortunate but definitely not a deal breaker.  GRADE: C (just because of the edges)

I am very pleased with the texture of the screen protector with the multi-touch of the Slate.  I have no problems or interference from the screen protector.  Using  the on-screen keyboard and the scrolling are a breeze and are very smooth.  GRADE: A

This was a huge concern that I had.  What would it feel like when I try handwriting.  I had tried a screen protector on my TC1100 and immediately took it off after the attempting to write with it.  It was way to soft and the stylus tip actually would get stuck.  The NuShield is a bit more hard which makes writing with the stylus very pleasant.  It took me a few days before I really liked it.  At first it seemed a bit to firm, but after about a week of touching it with my fingers the oils really made writing very nice.  Another bonus with the screen protector is it helps a little with the N-trig pen noise.  GRADE: A

This was probably the easiest screen protector I have ever installed.  I installed a screen protector on my Droid 2 and must have tried multiple times before I got it right.  This was so easy.  The screen protector is a little firm like a piece of paper, this made it very easy to move it around before setting it in place.

Another thing that I liked about it was I had to send my original Slate back because the glass was separating or popping up.  When I got the new Slate I removed the screen protector and installed it on the new Slate without an issue.  It has stayed in place ever since.  GRADE: A

Unfortunately I haven’t used the Slate with the screen protector out in the sun.  Haven’t seen to many sunny days to give it a grade.  I don’t think that the screen protector distorts or has any degrading of the nice bright screen.  GRADE: B

I couldn’t recommend this screen protector more.  I give it high grades for the Touch, Writing, and Installation.  The only bad thing that I can say about the NuShield DayVue screen protector is the hand cut corners.  They aren’t very professional done.  As I mentioned above, once the die is created for the Slate it will fantastic.  FINAL GRADE: B+ (Highly recommend)

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