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My 2010 Review

Austin Powers

Yeah Baby!

Oh, it’s that time of the year; time to reflect, review, and resolve (rrr-yeah baby! in an Austin Powers accent).  Not sure if it translate in written form.

Disclaimer:  I don’t usually don’t do New Year Resolutions

But I did it anyway.  I probably didn’t do resolutions in the past because they were a written record of what I was supposed to do and at the end of the year I grade what I said I was supposed to, to what I did do, and it looks so darn bad. You can see my written record of what I said I was going to do in 2010 here.

What in the heck did you say you were going to do?

I started and wrote my first blog article in January 2010, which happened to be my 2010 Resolutions (blah).  I set a goal of blogging every week.  I might have been a little ambitious for me to start with.  I only wrote 27 posts and unfortunately not a lot of them were on SQL.  I did however participate in 3 T-SQL Tuesday posts.

Grade: C- [A+ for starting a blog, but C for not maintaining]

Try and read a new book every month.  Well I did not read the two books that I listed, but did read parts of a handful of other technical books.  I killed a lot of trees printing out articles; there is just so much good stuff out there. 

Grade: C

Wanted to study and learn about two SQL DMV’s each month.  I believe that I read this on Tim Fords blog that he wanted to do something similar (borrowed the idea).  Well, that was a big fail.  I did this for two months and failed to continue.  I may try to do that this year, but pick the DMV’s ahead of time.

Grade: D

Workout 3 times a week.  I did pretty good on this one until August.  Once my boy (I’ll blame him for my failure in this), finished swim team in August at the YMCA, we didn’t go back to the gym, which ended my workouts.  I ended up cancelling my membership since I was not going enough. 

Grade: C [A+ for 8 months and F from September through December]

Take one Microsoft SQL Server Cert Exam.  Well in July I passed 70-431.

Grade: A

Get more involved with the SQL community.  I had the pleasure to help Greg Larsen with SQL Saturday #43 setup in Redmond, WA (June 2010). 

Grade: C


Overall grade in my great grading system:  C-

I have a lot to improve on for 2011.

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