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Studying for 70-431

At the start of the year I set a goal to take a Microsoft Certification test.  After some hesitation I set my sights on the 70-431 “SQL Server 2005 Implementation and Maintenance”. I chose 70-431 because this is the version that I have been primarily working with at work and have more experience with. I have been studying off and on since the beginning of the year, but serious in the last month. After pushing out the test at the start of June, I finally decided to get my butt in gear and set a test date so I have no more excuses.  I decided Friday July 30th and will make it official next week when I call and schedule.  This will give me just over a month to put the final touches on my study.

My primary books of study are:
Wiley –70-431: SQL Server 2005 Implementation and Maintenance (Microsoft Official Academic Course)
MSPRESS – MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-431)
MSPRESS – Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Storage Engine
MSPRESS – Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Query Tuning and Optimization

My game plan for the next month:
[6/27 – 7/11]
I just finished reading Wiley MOAC and now plan to go back over it the next 2 week and go through each of the labs and go back over several of the areas that I need more work on, like XML, Service Broker, Endpoints, and Replication.

[7/12 – 7/23]
Go through MSPRESS Self-Paced Training Kit, just another angle of information and study.

[7/24 – 7/29]
Go through as many practice tests as possible and research questions; go back over areas of question and concern.

Take test.

Next on my plate, I am thinking SQL Server 2008 Imp/Mtce 70-432 or the Optimization and Tuning cert for 2005 70-450. 

One thing that this process has done for me is gotten me more exposure to other areas in SQL Server that I have not worked with.

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